Oil & Gas

The Oil and Gas sector is at home in emerging and high growth countries. Indeed, it is often an important part of the growth mechanism. So, it comes as no surprise that this is EI' s most significant sector. EI has worked with International Oil Companies, Oilfield Services Companies and other sub-contracted service providers in the Middle East, Asia and Africa. 

EI recognises the expertise that sector has operating in these emerging, high growth and complex environments and offers complimentary, sometimes niche, services to complement and support this internal capability.

When EI started working in the sector we understood that the compliance requirements were significantly more advanced than other sectors. To exceed the requirements of the Voluntary Principles and those of the IOCs, EI undertook an extensive Governance and Compliance Enhancement Programme. All company policies, directives, procedures, guidance, tools, forms, lesson plans, lessons, assessments and templates were reviewed and re-written to ensure that EI took a market leading position in compliance. EI welcomes the opportunity to discuss our compliance systems and the unique Training and Knowledge System that has been introduced to enable real-time audit of compliance against all contractual requirements.

EI provides intrinsically safe digital radio communications for all oilfield projects as standard and has built extensive networks for both client and internal use.